Plastic pallets
Plastic box pallets
Drums and canisters
Crates for bread and bakery products
Crates for fruits and vegetables
Crates for meat and poultry
Wooden euro pallets
Wooden box-pallets and packaging
Polypropylene layer pads
Polypropylene boxes
Polycarbonate panels
Cutlery, throw-away sets


Safety and reliability are the essential features of this successful IBC range. Additionally, the model offers economic benefits without compromising quality.


The modular system and interchangeable components enable to offer a wide selection and to always find a solution for each single demand.



Winning features:

Internationally available

Galavanized metal cage with squared sections, highly resistant to deformation

HMWPE bottle with optimal wallthickness distribution

Fill port equipped with a sealed screw cap

Valve available in different models and equipped with PE protection